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The world's leading platform for accurate and actionableimpact reduction

Bring ease and accuracy to your sustainability strategy by leveraging HowGood's database of 90,000 agricultural emissions factors, the world's largest for food product sustainability.

Join a network of leaders across the global food system

 Shift your sustainability strategy from compliance to competitive advantage

Auditable, 3rd party verified, and aligned to industry standards

Report with confidence using data that is aligned to all major sustainability and climate reporting frameworks and compliant with enterprise data security standards.

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6 of the 10 largest food companies work with HowGood to power their sustainability initiatives and hit their targets.

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Third-Party Validation

"Our customers need holistic, sustainable ingredient solutions to meet consumer and regulatory demands for greater transparency. Partnering with HowGood provides third-party validation of the sustainability impact of our ingredients and enables our customers to confidently make informed decisions.”

- Brian Nash, VP, Sustainability at Ingredion


"While our guests can make good food choices for the planet by simply eating at Chipotle, the radical transparency provided by Real Foodprint also holds us accountable to improve our practices and source more sustainably over time. It is the combination of transparency for our guests and Chipotle’s commitment to higher standards that make Real Foodprint so impactful.”

- Caitlin Leibert, Head of Sustainability at Chipotle

Data Granularity

"HowGood is, without a doubt, hands down, the most comprehensive database when it comes to ingredients. They own that space."

- Jessica Sansom, Sustainability Director at Huel


"Having an impact assessment tool for our product portfolio is raising the sustainability awareness of our product developers and brand teams. This holistic tool is critical to improving the sustainability impact of our brands.”

- Takoua Debeche, SVP, Research & Innovation at Danone

Cross Functional

"Before Latis, our sustainability efforts were very siloed. We would have one team focused on reporting, another team working on reduction, and our culinary teams working separately from them both on menu development. Now, when we're looking at our recipes, we're also looking at their sustainability ratings and their contributions to our carbon accounting all at once....this was the tool that brought everybody together."

- Mona Prasad, VP, Sustainability at Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services