White Paper

State of Sustainability Marketing in Retail

How to measure, manage and communicate ESG commitments​​

  • The current state of sustainability marketing in retail
  • The sustainability landscape for retailers
  • Paths to reducing impact via utilizing effective sustainability claims
How to measure, manage and communicate ESG commitments​​
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How to measure, manage and communicate ESG commitments​​

What's inside
The decisions retailers make – including which products they put on shelf, how they design and position their own brands, and what their sourcing policies and standards are – is one of the most powerful forces in the food system.
This report lays out the current sustainability marketing landscape for retailers and provides pathways to measuring, reducing, and communicating impact to improve overall sustainability, build consumer loyalty, and grow profit margins.

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HowGood powers sustainability intelligence for many of the world’s largest food companies, including CPGs, retailers, food service and suppliers.
"Our customers need holistic, sustainable ingredient solutions to meet consumer and regulatory demands for greater transparency. Partnering with HowGood provides third-party validation of the sustainability impact of our ingredients and enables our customers to confidently make informed decisions.”
- Brian Nash, VP of Corporate Sustainability at Ingredion