HowGood’s Latest White Paper: State of Sustainability Marketing in Retail

October 6, 2022
HowGood’s Latest White Paper: State of Sustainability Marketing in Retail

The challenges retailers face in meeting sustainability commitments are exceedingly complex, including recent developments due to increasing regulatory pressure. This is made more difficult since the majority of retailers’ environmental and social impact is determined by the many thousands of products they carry, each of which has any number of ingredients from all over the world.

HowGood’s latest white paper, State of Sustainability Marketing in Retail, is intended to address these challenges and offer strategies for tackling them – while providing value for retailers, their customers, and the planet.

Sustainability landscape for retailers

Meeting targets

Most retailers are making ESG commitments but are struggling to fulfill them

Reputational risk

Failing to meet scope 3 targets is a significant reputational risk, especially as consumers become increasingly sensitive to greenwashing

Consumer demand

Sustainable product portfolios build consumer loyalty and increase margins

Lack of transparency in the supply system

The vast majority of grocers’ carbon emissions are determined by the products on their shelves and not by their owned operations

Shifting regulatory landscape

More than 22,500 large companies in the EU, UK, and the US will be impacted by new regulations for sustainability transparency

Paths to reducing impact

Targeting scope 3 emissions

Retailers need to vet products for lower impact

Meeting the regulatory moment

Grocers will need to begin gathering granular, ingredient specific data from their suppliers as soon as possible to ensure compliance

Private label considerations

The most expedient and impactful changes to sourcing that retailers can make in their supply system is to their private label brands

Effective sustainability marketing

Product sustainability ratings and attributes are effective methods for consumer communication

Check out the State of Sustainability Marketing in Retail White Paper to learn more about how retailers, brands, and suppliers can meet ambitious environmental and social impact criteria.

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